Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarah Palin resigns

Sarah Palin resigned as Alaska governor on Friday afternoon effective on July 26. Everything about it was really strange and unexpected. First, she decides to do it on a Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend when not a lot of people would be paying attention. She gives the impression that she is trying to get away with it without anyone noticing-which I don't see as appropriate for any elected official. Second, she has a very unstructured an incoherent speech which just raises questions as to why she is doing this in the first place.

As far as her future political aspirations, I am not going to predict anything at this point but we are going to find out exactly why she did not serve out her term in the months ahead and should she decide to run (especially for President) her opponent(s) will really use it against her. I cannot expect that she will make it out of the primary and I think that the Republicans could be a huge liability if she were to get the Republican nomination in 2012. Many Republican commentators cannot even make sense of the move-at least from the political perspective.

It seems like the Republicans cannot get their act together and every day is more bad news. Eventually they will right their ship but it will be interesting to see when they do it and how it is done.

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