Friday, July 10, 2009

Madrid 2016 Olympics

When one Boston to Washington campaign ends another one begins. I would like to kick of my support for the selection of Madrid, Spain for the 2016 Summer Olympics. I believe that Spain is truly the crossroads of the world and the center of the world history and Madrid stands as its foremost symbol. Additionally, the city is a cultural mecca with outstanding food, architecture, singing, dancing, did I mention food? Additionally, it is within a days train ride of many important cities that are just as much a part of the Spanish story as the capital city. It has some stiff competition, Rio De Janiero (South America has never hosted a games), Chicago (President Obama's hometown), and London will have hosted the Games in 2012 and the International Olympic Committee usually likes to rotate continents. Nevertheless, I would love to return to Spain to see the torch lit at the Opening Ceremony. They are supposed to pick the city this fall. Viva Madrid!

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