Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama's news conference

Last night President Obama held a news conference to discuss health care reform. He did well, outline some specific points in the health care reform legislation. He handled the questions and it was noticeable that the reporters were stepping it up a notch with their questions. He is hoping to get it passed before August recess. In my opinion, I really do not think he should rush it as this is the most important domestic policy initiative in many years-probably since the New Deal. The administration, Congress and outside experts must make sure that the legislation is set up fix the problems that are in the system-and there are so many it is a daunting task. However, it needs to work otherwise his approval ratings could go down to the point where he does not get out of his first term much less get reelected.

However, the most significant moment of the night came when a reporter asked him about the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates. He was critical of how the police handled it and this drew criticism since he did not have all of the facts. He did acknowledge that Gates was a friend of his. It was unfortunate that when he goes on TV to talk about a major agenda proposal this turns into the next day's headline. Give credit to Obama for not sidestepping the question.

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