Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hockey game for the ages

The U.S.A. and Canada played a hockey game for the ages today with Canada winning 3-2 in overtime off a goal scored by Sidney Crosby. Both teams played well but for Canada not to win this on home ice it would have just been a lifetime of "what if?" since this was the one medal that really mattered. The interest (especially on the American side) was amazing and it should help grow hockey on this side of the border.

This now brings the games to a close. It is always a letdown give that there is two years of hype building up to the Olympics but always exciting to see a new city welcome the games and look forward to the next installment. The London 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be here before you know it and I hope to attend as I have never been to London and I want to return to Europe ten years after by study abroad experience there.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympic recap

Here are a few highlights from the Olympics:

Kim Yu-Na won the gold medal for South Korea in figure skating. Although she didn't go for broke like Sara Hughes did in Salt Lake City, she had an unbelievable performance given the circumstances, especially since a gold medal was at stake and she was under a lot of pressure from here home nation. Also an inspirational performance by Joannie Rochette just a few days after her mother passed away.

Team U.S.A. men's hockey will be playing in the gold medal game on Sunday (and will gurantee themselves a medal). The dream matchup would be versus Canada but either way go U.S.A!

There are many more exciting stories as well. Congratulations to all of the Olympics athletes for another memorable Olympics with a few more stories left to be written.

APPA Leg Rally

Sorry for lack of posts. It was a busy week. The association I work for, American Public Power Association, held its Legislative Rally Conference this past week. This events brings members into Washington, DC to vote on various resolutions and prepare for lobbying visits with members of Congress on the Hill. This year we had Tucker Carlson as the keynote speaker at our lunch and presented Senator Byron Dorgan from North Dakota with a public service award. This was followed by a skit based on the Wizard of Oz-which made for a good laugh. There is always a lot of buildup for the conference and while there isn't excessive preparation, you have to be on your toes and I am glad it is completed. I will be going to the National Conference in Orlando this year which I am looking forward to.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


The United States men's hockey team beat Canada 5-3 this evening. It was a great game where both teams played at a high level and even the announcers got excited while they were calling the game. No medal was at stake but there was a lot of pride on the line. It is refreshing to see these guys not think about their six figure salaries for a few weeks and play with a lot of heart and passion that comes with representing your country. The level of play and talent is such high quality that it is hard to dislike any of the teams but you have to root for someone and everyone roots for their country. Lets go USA!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow aftermath

The DC/Arlington area has had a reprieve from the snow over the past few days but it is still very difficult to get around places. The sidewalks are not fully shoveled out (which can cause a lot of problems for those that have to walk in the street) and several roads are not fully plowed out. In some cases the snow may not go until it finally melts. From a somewhat self centered perspective it will be a while before I will be able to run outside, but that could be a moot point considering I have had to stay clear of sidewalks in some places because they have not been shoveled. The major question is the level of responsibility businesses/government/residents have. Unfortunately it may take a sad situation before policies are defined and implemented.

Update: Arlington residents (especially Arlington Young Democrats) aren't waiting until Opening Day of the baseball season for the snow to melt. We know it could cause problems if it is not taken care of. Check AYD's President Gordon speaking at today's County Board meeting via The Green Miles (

Back from Florida

I had a great time in Florida and the weather was warmer than anything we had in DC over the past week or so. My mother rented a place for the month so we all decided to stay there. I got to see my grandparents and spent a lot of time with my immediate family as well. We went out to eat a few times took a few excursions, particularly to St. Armands Key and Lido Beach, a favorite destination in the Sarasota area. It seems like places like that never really change over the years. Overall, I was lucky to get down and hopefully it will be an annual visit.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vancouver 2010

The 2010 Winter Olympics are underway in Vancouver. I always get very excited about the Olympics as it is not just the world's most important sporting event but the premier global event and for two weeks, everyone's attention turns to one particular city, whether it is a small winter resort or a major city and, most importantly, the athletes that are participating in them. Early thoughts.

It was a sad tragedy what happened to the luger from the Republic of Georgia. Sometimes you have wonder whether competition standards are being sacrificed for safety. However, I thought that the Games and the IOC handled the situation fine. It was appropriately recognized that the Opening Ceremonies.

The Opening Ceremonies were great. The lighting was of quality where having it inside did not diminish the event at all. However, the situation with the Olympic cauldron was inexcusable. For those that did not see, part of the setup malfunctioned and they could not light all of it. However, these Games had a second torch (since the cauldron has to be outside and visible in the city) and that made up for it. The torch lighter was hockey legend Wayne Gretsky.

Hello from Florida

Yes I am a blog dork. I am actually writing while on vacation in Florida. After two attempts to change over my flight due to the second February 10 blizzard I finally got to Sarasota on Friday, this time flying through Fort Myers. The weather is not typical Florida weather, high 50s to low 60s but much warmer than DC and no snow so I really cannot complain. I have had a chance to go to old stomping grounds such as St. Armands Circle (large shopping and restaurant area) as well as Lido Beach. Some of these places really do not change over the years despite all of the other advances we have made. It has been good to see family as well. I will be looking forward to getting back to DC as I have a lot to catch up on.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More snow

The DC/Arlington area is supposed to get approximately 10 more inches of snow tomorrow and it will end on Wednesday evening. This is on top of the two feet of snow that came this weekend. Many neighborhoods still have not dug out from last weekend's storm. I still have not been back to work this week at all. Having said this, I am still keeping my fingers crossed that I can fly out Thursday. While the storm will have ended, cleanup is so slow that the airport may not be ready for regular service. By the way, it is in the 50s in Florida which is a little cool for this time of year but I will not be complaining. Keep warm and stay safe!

Monday, February 8, 2010

No work today

Washington is trying to dig out from this weekend's storm and I did not have work today. The Metro still isn't even running above ground yet. This is a concern for me because I am going to Florida on Thursday and would like to get some work off the plate before I take off. We are also expected to get a few more inches of snow on Tuesday. They have not determined exactly how much but one can only wonder where it will all go. It is interesting how snow removal can be such a nuisance but in a few months said snow will not even exist.

Super Saints!

The New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl last night defeating the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. The game was much closer than the score indicates. It seemed as if it would be another inevitable Super Bowl win for Peyton Manning and Indianapolis throughout the first half. Then the Saints decided to go for an onside kick that really turned the momentum. While they did not hold on to the lead after they scored the touchdown off the kick, Indianapolis did not realize they were actually in for a game. The final blow came when Manning was driving for a game tying touchdown in the fourth quarter and he was interception and it was returned for a touchdown for New Orleans instead.

What surprises me is that no team has come back from being down 10 points in a Super Bowl. With the new age passing offenses I am sure that record will fall at some point. My favorite commercial of the night was Betty White. As far as the Tim Tebow commerical, a lot of hype over nothing as it was not a soap box moment. However, if you want to get something done, write or e-mail your elected officials instead of squealing over a Super Bowl ad spot.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow continues to fall

We are getting a very strong and serious snowstorm here in the DC/Arlington area and across the entire mid-Atlantic. We could get approximately 30 inches when all is said and done. The highways have limited access and some of the exit ramps are not even open so basically the order of the day is to stay home. The post office is not even delivering mail today. There will be a lot of clean up and digging out over the next few days. It will be interesting to see if I can get back to work on Monday. Some are considering this the equivalent of the Blizzard of 1978 in New England which is a very high level storm comparison. It is fairly surreal to experience a storm like this in DC. This would be expected in New England.

Super Bowl Pick

Okay. A (quick) interruption from snowpocalypse 2010 to bring you my Super Bowl pick. Yes, there is a big game tomorrow in Miami between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. Here are the factors that I will consider:
-Indianapolis will be playing with an injured Dwight Freeney. You have to have a defense on all cylinders to stop New Orleans. That will be a huge factor.
-Peyton Manning is bound to have a choke moment on the big stage. This could be it.
-New Orleans is looking like a team of destiny and they could end with a fairy tale story.
-I think the Super Bowl will be close with a lot of offense.

Okay here is the pick: New Orelans 34, Indianapolis 31

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More snow!!

If you thought that last week was Snowpocalypse II, we were wrong. There is another storm coming tomorrow that is supposed to deliver up to two feet the DC/Arlington area. The line was halfway down the grocery aisle at the supermarket today. I even stocked up for the Super Bowl on Sunday because it would be almost impossible to get out as the roads would not be cleaned up. What is interesting is that municipalities are already over their snow removal budgets and this is a role of the towns and cities that has to be done no matter what. It will be interesting to see where they find the money to maintain this. It would be safe to call this one Snowpocalypse MMX (2010).

Scott Brown sworn in

Scott Brown was sworn in as Massachusetts senator today. This was a week earlier than planned but I think it is good for the process. At least there is not any backroom stuff going on and he gets to work right away. It will be interesting to see how when he chooses to side with the Democrats (if at all) and when he sides with the Republicans. If he says that he sits in the "people's seat" as he dubbed it in his campaign he has to listen to the voices of those that elected him. Massachusetts sent a loud message, they did not necessarily want a Democrat or Republican they wanted change and see that Congress gets things done. Otherwise, there will be much more dramatic change in November and possibly in 2012-can you say President Palin and Vice President Scott Brown?