Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow aftermath

The DC/Arlington area has had a reprieve from the snow over the past few days but it is still very difficult to get around places. The sidewalks are not fully shoveled out (which can cause a lot of problems for those that have to walk in the street) and several roads are not fully plowed out. In some cases the snow may not go until it finally melts. From a somewhat self centered perspective it will be a while before I will be able to run outside, but that could be a moot point considering I have had to stay clear of sidewalks in some places because they have not been shoveled. The major question is the level of responsibility businesses/government/residents have. Unfortunately it may take a sad situation before policies are defined and implemented.

Update: Arlington residents (especially Arlington Young Democrats) aren't waiting until Opening Day of the baseball season for the snow to melt. We know it could cause problems if it is not taken care of. Check AYD's President Gordon speaking at today's County Board meeting via The Green Miles (

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