Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shirley Sherrod

What a travesty that the Shirley Sherrod case has turned into. She was an black woman and an official at the US Department of Agriculture that was fired for remarks she was seen making about not helping out a white farmer in a position she held 24 years ago. This case could not have been handled worse. First of all, the USDA could not have handled it worse, being let go without an improper investigation and not realizing it was more than two decades ago. Secondly, she said later that after consideration she did wind up helping out the white farmer.

It is ironic that an administration that consists of the first black president has had to deal with more hot button racism issues than other administrations. It shows that despite breaking the glass ceiling on race, we still have a long ways to go.

There should be some very swift action taken and it needs to come directly from the Oval Office in order to send a message to resolve this situation.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun fun weekend

I had a great weekend despite it being really hot. Friday night we had happy hour in town and Saturday I went to the Young Democrats of America convention. Saturday night was really fun as we celebrated the birthday of one of my really good friends here in DC. We had a rooftop party and then went out in Cleveland Park. He really appreciated having all of us come out for him and said that the night was not for him but for all of us. That made the night right there! It is my turn to put on a good show in August for my big day.

Louis Oosthuizen wins British Open

This is not an Onion headline. Louis Oosthuizen from South Africa won the British Open by 8 shots last Sunday at St. Andrews, Scotland. Again, he was not on my list nor was he on anyone elses except the one that counts the most-his. He played that course better than most established veterans have ever played it. As for Tiger and Phil-disapointing performances at majors again. One can wonder if Tiger will ever reach that mark of 19 majors that many thought was his birthright. I am still holding out hope but with the parity in golf only getting greater it may just be a dream for him. Now I wonder if predictions are even worth the time and the energy? Another point-with all of the first time major winners, we are asking if they are just one hit wonders or could it be the birth of a star.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The oil well has been capped

Yes they have capped the oil well today. However no time to wave flags and start chanting "Yes We Can!" with the way BP has handled it. Hopefully this will be the answer and the environmental (and political) nightmare will be over at least for now. Stay tuned!

RIP George Steinbrenner

Even as a Red Sox fan I do have to pay my respects to him. He found a way to rebuild a dynasty in New York and took the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry to its highest level ever. Of course, the Sox finally got the upper hand but that would not have happened without the actions of The Boss. The best part of Steinbrenner were the Seinfield spoofs.

Wall Street Reform passed

The Senate passed Wall Street reform today. It is incredible that the Obama administration has made sweeping changes but my concern is how can you really enforce all of these-especially the day that the political climate and administration changes. There will also be legislators that will want to overturn some of these regulations. However, if any of the changes don't allow for a free market (but still play by the rules) economy I would support repealing any of the reforms.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 British Open

Okay time for my British Open picks. This year's championship returns to St. Andrews Scotland, the home of golf. As I say every year it is unique as this tournament celebrates pure history and tradition-small historic English and Scottish towns, cramped hotel rooms, travel by train, and, for what it is worth, unspoiled seaside scenery and tradition links golf courses. Oh, and my favorite tradition, the plane from the John Deere Classic in the heartland to England and Scotland-there is no more a culture change than this.

Without further delay, here are my picks. Again, unprecedented parity in golf have made majors impossible to predict, I have yet to have a correct prediction since I started this blog and my expectations are not too high for this week. Links golf is even more of a crapshoot then other events because it is played in weather and course conditions that most players do not regularly deal with. I do not mind that as it shows there is a deeper talent pool in golf.

Five top contenders
1. Phil Mickelson-He has already won the Masters and the wide open nature of this course gives him the best chance to win a British Open. He also is on the lookout for No. 1 in the world. This isn't the Open he wants but he will take it.
2. Tiger Woods-Tiger has not been Tiger as of late but he is the two time defending champion at St. Andrews and a third would put him in a class by himself.
3. Lee Westwood-He has been knocking on the door at majors the last few years and will break through at some point.
4. Steve Stricker-He has the game primed to win a major someday and he has been consistent in terms of contending and winning tournaments. He won this past week at John Deere and this week he could get it done.
5. Ernie Els-Strong play at the U.S. Open and British is where he has his best record. He is positioning himself for an elusive fourth major and this could be his year.

Five Sleeper Picks
1. Graeme McDowell-Never look over the most recent major champion. If there is one title he wants more than a U.S. Open at Pebble, a British at St. Andrews would be the one.
2. Stewart Cink-It is his title until someone takes it away.
3. Sergio Garcia-Not playing well but Spain is on a roll right now.
4. Rory McIlroy-The next big thing. Not a bad place to break through than the British Open at the Old Course
5. Justin Leonard-I am still waiting for a second major from him.

It starts Thursday, should be a memorable week.

Spain wins World Cup

What I always thought about Spain is now true. Spain is on top of the world. They won the World Cup with a 1-0 win over the Netherlands in extra time. It wasn't the cleanest game but they found a way to win. There is not doubt I am sharing their excitement with them and it brings back a lot of great memories. The Spanish have found a way to lose on the biggest stage finally found a way to win. They will enjoy this for a long time. Viva Espana!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

LeBron James special

ESPN is doing an hour long TV special where LeBron James will announce where he will be playing next year. ESPN is a self promoting machine and giving a celebrity like him that kind of coverage is stooping to new lows. Shame on them!

First of all there are many other important things going on in the news right now where it is outrageous that he is getting this kind of coverage. It seems like I say this all the time. Additionally, he can talk about all the money he is making and if he goes to a large media market he will be larger than life. However Paul Pierce and company are holding championship rings and turned down money to try and win a second ring with the Celtics.

World Cup Final!

Spain has advanced to the World Cup final for the first time with a 1-0 win over Germany. Sunday's game is sure to be Spain's most exciting day-even more than any championship series or game in the United States. Whenever I am watching them compete in a sporting event it brings back a lot of memories from my time there. They will be taking on the Netherlands which is also making its first appearance. Let's Go Spain!

Heat Wave in DC

The last few days it has been over 100 degrees for a high in the DC/Arlington area and up and down the East Coast. Even the evenings have been in the 80s and low 90s at times. A lot of places are having power issues as everyone wants to run their air conditioning. I am fortunate that my apartment has air conditioning and pool. At least I am not getting ready to move at this time. Stay cool and drink lots of water.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

I want to wish all of my readers a happy and relaxing Fourth of July weekend. If you are in small town America or our nation's capitol, I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend and take time to celebrate our great nation.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

RIP Robert Byrd

West Virginia senator Robert Byrd passed away this week at the age of 92. He was the longest serving U.S. Senator and was able to get a lot of federal money for one of the poorest states in the nation. He was also influential in helping pass health care reform and standing up for Democratic values. Although he was a Ku Klux Klan member, he was able to disengage from that group and change his views on racism and hate.

Russian spies

Russian spies were arrested in Boston, New York and the DC area last week. The ones living in the DC area were actually living in an apartment complex in Arlington in the next neighborhood over from where I live. Ironically, my last roommate left to do an internship in Moscow, Russia. I will certainly give him the benefit of the doubt and hopefully I won't get any calls from any curious FBI or CIA agents.


The United States went belly up at the World Cup against Ghana last week losing 2-1 in extra time (no surprise, I saw it coming) so now it is time to turn my allegiance to my adopted nation of Spain. They advanced to the quarterfinals and will play Paraguay on Saturday. They are one of the favorites to win the World Cup this year. Viva Espana!