Monday, July 19, 2010

Louis Oosthuizen wins British Open

This is not an Onion headline. Louis Oosthuizen from South Africa won the British Open by 8 shots last Sunday at St. Andrews, Scotland. Again, he was not on my list nor was he on anyone elses except the one that counts the most-his. He played that course better than most established veterans have ever played it. As for Tiger and Phil-disapointing performances at majors again. One can wonder if Tiger will ever reach that mark of 19 majors that many thought was his birthright. I am still holding out hope but with the parity in golf only getting greater it may just be a dream for him. Now I wonder if predictions are even worth the time and the energy? Another point-with all of the first time major winners, we are asking if they are just one hit wonders or could it be the birth of a star.

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