Sunday, January 30, 2011

End of the month

Okay, so much for that resolution to post more in 2011. However, I have decided that this will get me back on track. So here is a summary of my thoughts on the events of the past two weeks.

Super Bowl XLV will be Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay. I am thrilled that the Jets went down and it pits two of the NFL's most storied franchises at their premier stadium. It should get the most fan interest of Super Bowls in recent years.

The State of the Union speech was last week and he delivered what the voters wanted, a good middle of the road speech although there was a lot of stuff he said that won't even come up for a vote. However, it struck the right tone given it was post Tuscon and post "shellacking" midterm election.

The Egypt situation is very difficult as they are a close ally of the United States. I think that Mubarak should resign and let a new government come in. I think a leader stepping down is better for American and other Middle East interests than increased volatility.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Patriots once again, FAIL

The New England Patriots lost to their hated division rival New York Jets in the playoffs 28-21 on Sunday. During the regular season they achieved a 14-2 record and home field advantage throughout the playoffs but that wasn't enough to stop the Jets yesterday. New York trashed talked a lot the entire week but backed it up with simply put, clutch play, in all aspects of the game yesterday that the Patriots could not match. Someone forgot to tell the Patriots that regular season accomplishments go out the window once the playoffs start and that going to the Super Bowl wasn't their birthright.

I have felt that the fourth title was the most difficult to win of all and had reservations about this game. Everyone said this would be the year that the Jets would get by the Patriots and they had their one chance on Sunday-they took advantage of it.

At least this is a young team and they have a lot of draft picks this year so I think there is still one more Super Bowl left in them.

Tuscon one week later

America is moving on from its most recent tragedy. Congresswoman Giffords is recovering at a pace that is exceed the expectations of her doctors and is inspiring the nation in this way. President Obama spoke at the memorial service this past week and called for the nation to come together and see democracy in a way that children, particularly the young nine year old victim saw it, as a place of civilized discussion and leadership. In another touching story, the organs of the nine year old victim were donated to a girl in Boston. One can only hope that this event will change the course that the nation is going in as it wasn't going in the best direction prior to the unfortunate events of January 8.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tragedy in Arizona

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat from Arizona, was shot in the head today along with six other people. Giffords is still fighting for her life but the other six individuals, including a federal judge and a nine year old girl, were killed.

This is difficult to comprehend for our generation as we are seeing our elected officials become victims of hate and divisiveness for the first time just as our parents saw in the 1960s. There is not doubt today's events will change the current American climate in some way whether the people start to view the Tea Party differently, security of Congressman, or if this is the beginning of violent activity to resolve our political differences-which would be unthinkable.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ohio State wins Sugar Bowl

Ohio State won the Sugar Bowl on Tuesday night 31-26 over Arkansas in a thrilling Sugar Bowl Classic matchup. They jumped out to an early lead and let Arkansas back in the game. They almost blew the game when they had a punt blocked with less than a minute on the clock. Oddly enough, all five players that received suspensions next season for ethics violations played huge roles in the game including the player that made the game winning interception. This marks their first ever win over an SEC team and second consecutive BCS bowl victory.

112th Congress in Session

It is looking like it will be a crazy two years with the new Congress. The session kicked off with the reading of the Constitution during the session. Both Republicans and Democrats participated but the spectacle of it was something that could only be handcrafted by the GOP. Ironically, the violated the Constitution by letting two members of Congress introduce a motion and they had not been sworn in yet-they were attending a fundraiser. Next step-repealing healthcare reform. Good luck on that one guys.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

back from holiday break

Happy 2011 to all my readers. I am back from holiday break ready to hit the ground running in 2011 with work and other personal activities. It always seems like the holidays go by too fast but life is not a holiday unfortunately. I went back to New England and got to see family and even enjoyed a snowstorm. It had been a while since I actually shoveled snow so I could not complain about doing it when assigned. Other than the New England snowstorm (it did not come to DC) not too much happened in terms of news. In sports, the Patriots clinched the top seed in the AFC playoffs so the Super Bowl is essentially theirs to lose. However, it will be a tough road to get to Dallas.

The Big Ten took a beating in New Years Day bowls and hopefully Ohio State can salvage the conference in the Sugar Bowl versus Arkansas. Speaking of the Buckeyes, several starters (including Terrell Pryor) got into hot water with the NCAA for selling souvenirs to pay for, of all things, tattoos. They will be suspended the first five games of the 2011 season but can play in the Sugar Bowl.

I hope for the best for all of you this year.