Monday, January 17, 2011

Patriots once again, FAIL

The New England Patriots lost to their hated division rival New York Jets in the playoffs 28-21 on Sunday. During the regular season they achieved a 14-2 record and home field advantage throughout the playoffs but that wasn't enough to stop the Jets yesterday. New York trashed talked a lot the entire week but backed it up with simply put, clutch play, in all aspects of the game yesterday that the Patriots could not match. Someone forgot to tell the Patriots that regular season accomplishments go out the window once the playoffs start and that going to the Super Bowl wasn't their birthright.

I have felt that the fourth title was the most difficult to win of all and had reservations about this game. Everyone said this would be the year that the Jets would get by the Patriots and they had their one chance on Sunday-they took advantage of it.

At least this is a young team and they have a lot of draft picks this year so I think there is still one more Super Bowl left in them.

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