Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hockey game for the ages

The U.S.A. and Canada played a hockey game for the ages today with Canada winning 3-2 in overtime off a goal scored by Sidney Crosby. Both teams played well but for Canada not to win this on home ice it would have just been a lifetime of "what if?" since this was the one medal that really mattered. The interest (especially on the American side) was amazing and it should help grow hockey on this side of the border.

This now brings the games to a close. It is always a letdown give that there is two years of hype building up to the Olympics but always exciting to see a new city welcome the games and look forward to the next installment. The London 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be here before you know it and I hope to attend as I have never been to London and I want to return to Europe ten years after by study abroad experience there.

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