Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama health care

The top issue for Congress right now is health care reform and Organizing for America, the grassroots organization that came out of the Obama campaign to promote his agenda, is pushing a grassroots campaign to urge people to call/e-mail/write to their congressmen and senators to support the health care legislation.

Right now I feel that something needs to be done about health care. It is a travesty that the best health care system in the world is expensive and at times does not even work for everybody. However, I have yet to see specific details of the plan. Hopefully, Obama will outline it in his TV press conference tonight. While I campaigned hard to see change and a lot of people voted for it, there is a lot of concern that it is being rammed down our throats and it may not bring what voters really wanted in the end. Looking at it from the other side, he won a mandate to take action and live up to expectations so you cannot fault him too much for pushing an ambitious agenda especially with both houses of Congress under Democratic control.

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