Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Franken will be seated

Al Franken will be seated as the Senator from Minnesota, ending an eight month election recount and court battle. My thoughts on this:

-The whole fight went on for way too long. This was a disservice to the nation and especially to the people of Minnesota who only had one senator and deserved to have their voices heard more

-The GOP continues to look bad. Party Chairman Michael Steele said that losing the election was a good thing because any legislation that does not work out can be blamed on the Democrats. Are you kidding me? As party chairman you cannot condone election losses. Secondly, at least the Democrats have the means to put through their agenda which your party has little or no control over. Whether the legislation works remains to be seen but for now, look who is king of the hill. To think I was impressed with this guy in the 2006 Maryland Senate election-look who is taking out the trash now

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