Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama's press conference

I did not see President Obama's press conference this past evening but the recap of it said that he was comfortable with taking a lot of tough questions and discussing complex issues. It is good to see him putting himself out there and reaching out to the people as that is what the president is supposed to do. Critics are going to say that they are tired of hearing him say that it is going to take time to fix the economy but with the problems that we are facing that is the truth-it is a multifaceted issue that requires not just one policy initiative but several of these. He is balancing that by reassuring people that it will succeed and doing it in a presidential manner such as that of FDR and even JFK. Not to mention he has to deal with foreign policy and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well- just as long as he avoids late night comedy and does not keep updating people on how his March Madness bracket is going. In the meantime, the Republicans were having a $6 million dollar fundraiser with heavy appetizers instead of watching the press conference-not the best way to react to policies you probably will want to challenge.

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