Monday, March 9, 2009

Americans becoming less Christian ran a story today saying how America is becoming a less Christian nation. While some of this has to do with the fact other religions are coming into the national picture, many people are rejecting the idea of religion altogether. This really shows the seismic shift in American political views and overall thought and psyche. Just four years ago, America reelected George W. Bush because he brought what people thought were morals and values, especially in a time of uncertainty after 9-11. It was something people could turn to now that we needed something to keep our spirits up.
In this day in age, the issues with the economy are affecting people as this directly affects the majority of the population. They feel that they don't want to be governed by the rules or obligations that religion brings. Additionally, they don't feel that religion and God are the answer and when it involves livelihood and income, they need to do something about it themselves. Some also try to find Christian faith without attending church or celebrating holidays and we should not exclude those people either.

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