Monday, March 16, 2009

Cramer vs. John Stewart

My apologies for being a few days behind on this but I wanted to react to the whole Jim Cramer vs. John Stewart controversy.

The Jim Cramer side-I think it is okay to be a little entertaining, that is the style that he wants to present his information in and everyone has their own style. It is impossible to predict how the stock market is going to react all the time (just like with sports predictions and political pundits) but if you make a mistake of the magnitude that he did. CYA and admit your mistake and apologize for making it. That way, criticism (especially from places you would not expect it such as comedians) is a less vocal.

John Stewart-He is a comedian, not a commentator. If it is a major event where there are a number of players involved (such as Katrina or 9-11) there is plenty of leverage there. Those of us that like Jay Leno or Dave Letterman may remember their first shows after 9-11 were a very serious and emotional commentary on the tragic events. However, he is going way beyond his job description to be personally attacking and grilling news makers in that fashion. That really should be left to the the commentators. If you have a grudge with someone, it is best not to do it on the air.

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