Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Conference championship week

This is conference championship week in basketball. Sometimes I feel this week is a little overrated as the big tournament is where everything is on the line. However, it can give a preview as to what teams are hot and those that may make an early exit. The week may make a difference as to what teams do get in and those that don't. It can also determine seedings as well but as I said in a previous post, seedings are overrated as well. Interestingly enough some conferences don't allow all of their teams to even compete in the conference tournament. Personally I think that for a conference tournament, which is a promotion and marketing event for the conference should be sure to include all of the schools so as to give each an opportunity to promote themselves. Also, every team should have the opportunity to be a part of March Madness. After all, a team that won 3 or 4 games all season making a run through their conference tournament and possibly landing in the big dance is what fans want to see.

However, the best part about championship week is the smaller conference tournaments, they have the championship games in the college gymnasiums. 90 percent of the time the home team wins and the fans storm the court. While the team might make a quick exit the team, fans and university community always have the memory of competing on college basketball's biggest stage and for small schools that do not get that much attention that is a big deal (and profitable too.). I got to enjoy that at Brandeis when the women's team won the conference tournament everyone did just that.

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