Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Deadly day

As we remember the 3-11 train bombing today in Madrid, the world saw two more horrific incidents of bloodshed. In Alabama, a man went on a rampage and killed 10 people saying that "he had a score to settle" with people that he shot, including family members, sending a normally quiet area of rural Alabama into complete shock, sadness and disbelief. Two of the victims were a wife and daughter of a sheriff's deputy.
In a small town in Germany, a seventeen year old boy went into his high school and killed 15 people, most of them were female. This tragedy has sent shock waves around the entire nation.
Whenever something like this happens we always ask what the warning signs were and why were they ignored? Whenever we also say, "this can't happen here," that is exactly what happens, it happens there. We said that about Columbine, Virginia Tech, foreign countries, small towns, and large towns. It is an issue with parenting, education, of upbringing a combination of both or something else that we cannot really grasp that drives people to this behavior?

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