Sunday, March 1, 2009


This past week the Conservative Political Action Conference was held in Washington, DC. They obviously need something to rally the troops after the beating they took in the election. However, it seemed like the speaker set was a bunch of loud and angry Republicans who still have no idea how to get their ship back on course. Rush Limbaugh is, as usual, lowering himself to new levels coming out with nothing but animosity towards the new president. Very few people, particularly independents, believe that is appropriate especially from a guy that just has a radio show. It reinforces the fact that some believe the media plays way to much of a role deciding who should run our government and how it should be done. I remember when the news was just reporting the facts. Now when you put it on, it is sensational graphics, opinionated and biased commentators, and non-stop talking which can easily play with people's minds.

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