Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bad week for Obama

This was not a good week for President Obama. After the whole AIG mess, he went on Jay Leno and while they were talking about the bowling alley at the White House, he said that he could bowl about as good as a Special Olympian. This immediately prompted a statement from Press Secretary Gibbs saying good things about the Special Olympics...the whole nine yards kind of thing. I still defend him for going on the show as a way to open up to the American people but after that faux pas he needs to realize he is the president and the only time he should be part of late night comedy shows is during the monologue. I also think it was okay for him to fill out a bracket as another way to open up. Instead of sitting in his ivory tower he did something that most Americans look forward to doing and showed that he is the First Fan. It is not like he spent the whole day putting together the tournament field like the tournament selection committee.

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