Friday, March 27, 2009

Mitch McConnell confident

Sen. Mich McConnell of Kentucky said that without having to deal with the deadweight of the unpopularity of President Bush the Republicans have a better chance to fight their way back to the majority in the Senate and the House.
I agree that Bush and a lot of the unpopular policies of his administration had something to do with the downfall of Congress and ultimately the White House for the Republicans. However, unless they sign on to legislation that does help to fix the economy or, more importantly, introduce their own legislation to do this, there is no way they will get back to power in any branch of government.
While the Republicans might be just as happy as the Democrats that Bush is out of office (even though McCain did not get elected) that is not a remedy to solving all of the problems that our nation is having. The American people still expect both sides to work together to deal with all of these issues and the expectations are higher now that the Congress does not have to deal with Bush's failed policies.

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