Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tiger Woods watch, Part 3

Tiger Woods will be returning to the PGA Tour next week at the WGC Match Play Championship. I am somewhat surprised by this mainly due to the nature of the tournament. With match play it is basically a final round every single day and if you "choke" you don't come back. Most likely, the Sunday collapse isn't on Sunday either, it would be right before that and the week could end the first 18 (or fewer holes) that you tee it up. It won't allow Tiger to get into the groove and get at least 36 holes of golf under his belt. However, this is Tiger Woods, he is the ultimate competitor and he wants to get into that mode as soon as he steps to the tee and there is not better place to do that than this tournament. As far as readiness to play, he is Tiger Woods with 14 major championships-don't ask questions. If he accomplishes nothing else he is the true king of the game. Although it wouldn't best Nickalus, to win 14 in this age is a jaw-dropping accomplishment. The microscope is on him but even more this time around. Lets stay tuned and see what he does.

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