Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back from California

I had a great time in California. I visited my friend from college who is working in the film industry and currently starting his own documentary film business in LA. He took my around to all the famous sights such as Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Hills, various sports stadiums and gave me a little background on how things run in the film and television industry. The LA metropolis must be without a doubt the most sprawling metro area in the world. What makes it more amazing is that getting around there is by car only-the subway system is bare minimum. Considering the lifestyle of the West Coast and it is an industry that I have little interest in entering-not really a relocation option.

The rest of my trip took me to San Diego, it was essentially a resort town on steroids. The weather was somewhat unsettled with evening showers and on and off showers all day Monday. The news acts like a major storm is coming. Anyway, I saw a variety of places such as the beauty of Coronado Island, the San Diego Zoo, Old Town San Diego, and the Midway Museum. Overall it was nice to get to the west coast and enjoy warmer weather than DC. Now back to the grind. Pictures are available here.

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