Saturday, February 14, 2009

Economic stimulus passed

Congress passed the economic stimulus package today. I am sure it is getting a lot of criticism and the expenditures could be questionable. However, I am confident the Obama administration will make all of the details of the plan as transparent as possible. As I have said it is possible to make adjustments if aspects of the package aren't working. For those that say that this is another package filled with pork that is really nothing new in politics no matter who is in office. It is part of the legislature's job to get stuff for their districts. Most importantly, if it helps grow the economy in their particular region of the country there is no reason why it shouldn't be included. I feel that the expenditures of the package have to be allocated regionally as state and local politicians know their jurisdictions best and what types of programs need aid. While people feel that the infrastructure projects that come out of it might make more unskilled jobs than skilled jobs, we need to realize they need people with college and advanced degrees to manage these projects (at all levels) so all professional backgrounds will be considered in the jobs development and growth programs that come out of this package.

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