Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A-Rod comes out to the press

Today A-Rod came out to the press to discuss the details of his use of performance enhancing drugs. I am giving him a lot of credit for being forthright for admitting his use and even facing up to the fans, the league and the media. Personally I feel all of them should have done this but after the circus involving Messrs. Clemens, Palmiero, Giambi et. al. this is quite refreshing. Unfortunately the trust has been breached and the recent modern game has been tainted by the use of steroids in baseball. It saddens me that some of the moments that brought us to our feet (The Great Home Run Chase, Barry Bonds 73 home runs) weren't legit and probably the greatest one of all (bias here) 2004 World Series will fall under the same category. It is time to move on and implement a zero tolerance strategy. Of course nothing will ever take away from the celebratory moments and here is a reminder (in case you forgot).


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