Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidential rankings

On this Presidents Day the latest C-SPAN Presidential rankings came out and it has Abraham Lincoln on top and the latest ex-president George W. Bush is ranked 36th. Ranking presidents is just about as bad in terms of legitimate scoring as the BCS as different presidents dealt with very different situations and may have had more means at their disposal. For example FDR had 12 years and was asked to get us out of the Great Depression and World War II. Later presidents had much larger staffs and more technology and information at their hands which they could use to govern more effectively. However, the rankings do the best they can and different systems usually determine that one of three is ranked as the best president, Lincoln, FDR or Washington and a case can be made for either of them. The article states that over time rankings can change and only history will determine that. Check out the article here:

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