Saturday, February 14, 2009

Door to door

Last fall I spent a lot of my free time going door to door for Barack Obama in Northern Virginia. As many of you know that played a huge role in his victory in November organizing a "ground game" making sure that every door was knocked on by a volunteer, especially in swing states like Virginia. I seemed to have picked up a "bug" as I have continued with my door to door efforts for Miles Grant, a member of Arlington Young Democrats running for state delegate in Arlington. He works for the National Wildlife Federation, well-versed in environmental and civic engagement issues, and a Massachusetts native (which earns a mention on this blog).
This campaign effort is much different as door-to-door is mainly the only avenue of getting the word out-no flashy TV ads or debates televised on network stations. The primary isn't until June 9 but we have started our efforts early as there are a lot of houses that need to be visited. Another challenge for a campaign in Arlington is that there are a lot of high rise buildings which volunteer door-to-door knockers can't access. This is an issue as, unlike the presidential election, many of the residents don't follow the local elections that closely as they are mainly young professionals commuting to the city for work. Media coverage and visibility will be critical as a result. Check out the campaign website at

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