Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Buckeye

For the complete lack of hype that this year's Super Bowl got it turned out to be one of the best ever. Arizona had an amazing comeback and really put Pittsburgh on the ropes but Big Ben and company showed that he was no fluke and he was a clutch player when he had to be. In addition to my love for Boston teams, my family likes Ohio State and Penn State (apologies if I mentioned this) and I was thrilled to see Santonio Holmes get a Lombardi Trophy and the MVP honors. I believe he is the first Super Bowl MVP from Ohio State. Although many of the Buckeye fans hate Pittsburgh, I expect OSU to honor him and he will get a huge ovation for climbing the mountain. Beating Michigan is fun but a Super Bowl championship is immortality.

As for the commericals, enough of the Budweiser clydesdales and time to think of a new advertising campaign. The Doritos one was the best. Bruce had a good halftime show as well. I had a great crowd at my place and some good football food. Lets hope that Pats are back next year.

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