Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wizards not exactly doing magic

Last month the New York Post reported that Wizards players Gilbert Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton allegedly pulled guns on each other in order to settle a gambling dispute in the locker room after practice.

Initial thoughts. First of all we need to make sure that all the facts are straight. This is an extremely dicey situation and it is not best to make a lot of judgements until the investigation is completed.

I know there is a lot second amendment issues that might come out of this, but most people can agree you do not bring firearms to the workplace. In the case of Arenas and Crittenton, the locker room is your workplace. Issues with co-workers/teammates like this should go through HR or the front office in this case as a first step.

Additionally, there is an appearance of illicit gambling whereby teams need to establish policies to prevent conflicts of interest or other confrontational situations (see NBA ref scandal).

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