Thursday, January 14, 2010

Massachusetts Senate Race update

The Senate race in Massachusetts between State Senator Scott Brown and Attorney General Martha Coakley is much more contested than a lot of people thought. The most Democratic state in the nation is getting a dose of a "Virginia" swing state election and it Democrats across the nation are getting concerned about holding onto the late Ted Kennedy's seat. Polling shows Coakley with a nine point lead. However, she is trailing among independents and voter turnout for this is going to be a major concern. The big issue is that Massachusetts Democrats think this is their "God given" right to hold onto this seat and voter turnout could be reflected in that. What is worse is that the campaign has the same thoughts and they are not taking the aggressive road. What was once just a "warmup" for Republican Scott Brown for a governor's race turning into what seemed like an impossible dream for the GOP could now be a possibility. If you are a DC area Democrat, please take some time to make calls this weekend to get people out to vote. This is the only way we are going to keep Uncle Ted's seat and allow the "dream to live on."

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