Friday, January 1, 2010

Great day of bowl games

Happy New Year to all. Went out to Rock Bottom in Ballston last night to celebrate the New Years. Drank champagne at midnight and did 12 grapes (a tradition from Spain), my friends partaked in that with me.

Best of all was New Years Day. The Big Ten had a great day of bowl games, Penn State won the Capital One Bowl and best of all, Ohio State won the Rose Bowl with a dominating performance. The only blemish was Northwestern in the Outback Bowl. Their coach decided to go for a fake field goal in overtime when they were trailing-no explanation for that.

Enough of the negative. Ohio State had a dominating performance and Terrell Pryor came of age. With all the talk about the Oregon offense, the OSU defense virtually shut them down.

Three cheers to Penn State for playing a tough game against an SEC opponent as well.

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