Friday, January 8, 2010

Pete Carroll to Seattle??

Seattle Seahawks coach Jim Mora Jr. was fired today. While that was a surprise, what was even more alarming was to hear that former Patriots and USC coach Pete Carroll was being considered for the job. Many said the NFL wasn't the place for him after two not so successful stints with the Jets and New England. As much as I like to bash Pete Caroll and loathe USC, you have to remember that he did take the Patriots to the playoffs two of this three years at the helm there. He came into a difficult situation as the Patriots were coming off a Super Bowl and he was not only expected to get them back there but win it. The way that he lost games and his coaching style and team culture that frustrated many of the fans and media, especially considering the town and its expectations. Seattle is a different type of sports town and any improvement after two losing seasons should calm the fans and media down.

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