Friday, January 8, 2010

Roll Tide!

Alabama won the BCS Championship Game and the National Title last night over Texas 37-21. Texas Senior Quarterback Colt McCoy left the game in the first quarter with a shoulder injury and did not return. Even though I did not have any serious rooting interest in the game my heart sank to see that as you want a player of McCoy's caliber to have the opportunity to play in a game like that. Also, it does not cheapen Alabama's win as their backup QB kept them in the game for most of the game. It just so happens Alabama was the better team last night and the best this season going 14-0. It should be an even more exciting year next year. Alabama, Florida and Texas should be right there and Ohio State will be a serious title contender now that they have the big bowl game monkey off their back. Terrell Pryor will also be a junior and they have a favorable schedule.

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