Sunday, April 26, 2009

Very warm weekend in DC

As much as I was looking forward to this weekend, it was a tad warmer than I expected. Nevertheless it was still a great weekend to be outside. Door knocking went well, there were a lot of people that were aware of the House of Delgetes race and appreciated my visit. I even ran into one family coming back from the greenhouse with tomato plants. I may have not mentioned this yet but my family has a greenhouse business back in Massachusetts where I worked growing up. Seeing flowers and plants will always be a part of me no matter what I do. This particular family had met Miles already and hopefully between that and me taking the time to make an observation like that with a personal touch will help garner a vote or two!

I also met a group of friends for dinner at a Thai restaurant in town. I am not exactly a "sucker for Thai" as they say so I wound up ordering fried flounder. It was good to see old friends and meet new ones. I also got to hit some golf balls-no excuses now that I have a zip car subscription. I went to a course/driving range in Washington, DC. What make it unique is that you can see the Washington Monument from the course and on some holes it is the target off the tee. Pebble Beach and Augusta can't boast the Washington Monument from their golf course! It will be warm for the next few days but it should cool down later in the week.

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