Sunday, April 5, 2009

Delegate race in Arlington getting exciting

Not all of the exciting politics is on the East side of the Potomac. As I have discussed I have been volunteering for the Miles Grant for Va. House Delegate race in Arlington's 47th district. This race is definitely starting to pick up in its intensity. There are just over two months left. We have a very intensive door to door effort going on in different precincts across the district and are determined to knock on each precinct three times and at least win the "ground game." This ground game effort would make Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler very proud-for those of us that are students of Big Ten football, specifically the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. I have said that for this district and most of Arlington for that matter is getting into the high rises and getting young professionals out to vote for your candidate. In the presidential election, at least they could follow the race and had knowledge about it (maybe to much knowledge). The only hurdle was making sure they voted in Virginia, a swing state in 08.

However, for this race, many young professionals do not take as much of an interest in local and state elections (especially being an odd-numbered year) and voter turnout of high rise professionals will be like pulling teeth. Fortunately we have a very sophisticated new media (aka "air game") using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the blogsphere in addition to an e-mail list to reach out to those that live in these complexes where getting the campaign's message across would be difficult through traditional means. To my knowledge no other campaign has a YouTube channel with actual streaming videos on it. The demographics of these consists of professionals in their 20s and 30s which would lean towards him. This is an air game that would make Tom Brady and Randy Moss very proud!

The campaign had their first debate last week in the Barcroft district and I attached a link to the recap. Unfortunately I wasn't there (slap on wrist for me). While there might have been some bias as the recap was written by a Grant supporter, if this was close to how the debate went Miles was clearly out in front, particularly the bit where the other four read their opening and closing statements. As a side, I also found out that Miles' campaign was the first at the community center and set up the chairs-before the organizers got there! If I could get that kind of help I should have more dinner parties at my house. Here is the link to the recap below:

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