Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama's European vacation

Obama is having a successful vacation over in Europe drawing large enthusiastic crowds in the cities that he is visiting. The trip has been by no means uneventful, with North Korea launching a nuclear warhead as Obama was about to speak on nuclear weapons. When the president gets back he has to assemble his national security team as it looks like a conflict with North Korea would be on the rise. VP Biden was right saying that he would have a crisis early in his presidency and it potentially be on the horizon soon.

Today he was in Turkey and while he is fulfilling a promise of reaching out to the Muslim world, he sidestepped the issue of recognizing the Armenian genocide. This has always been an issue that presidents want to avoid so that US-Turkey relations are not soured as the nation has always been a strategic location in the Cold War and now the War on Terror. While it is not a surprise that he avoids this issue, for an Armenian-American like myself it is not "Change We Can Believe In."

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