Sunday, January 25, 2009

The weekend in between

Talk about a weekend to catch your breath. After running around to a boatload of Inauguration activities and acting like a drill sergeant on the Metro to get my parents through the unprecedented crowds, the likes of which this city (or I) have ever seen, it is good to catch up on stuff and chill.

As for sports, the Bob Hope Golf Tournament isn't on network TV and we are one week away from the Super Bowl so there really isn't too much going in this end. I do enjoy watching PGA Tour golf so you will be hearing commentary on that frequently, especially the majors. As for my feelings on the game, I echo many sports commentators saying that there won't be the hype for this one like last year. When you have a Super Bowl with so much history riding on it, not to mention being played in arguably the best stadium for a Super Bowl, it is difficult to top that especially since the game lived up to the hype. As you probably figured out the outcome of the game will not be discussed here.

As a Patriots fan, the last Super Bowl matchup I wanted to see was Philadelphia-Pittsburgh but now I am sorry I wished that as it probably would have generated the most interesting game among the final four teams left last weekend. A lot of people are trashing Arizona as they felt they got a free pass into the playoffs (especially after being blown out by the Pats) but I think they should get a lot more credit as they did win the games they had to. As it stands right now I have a party planned at my place so I will be spending more time preparing for that then being concerned about the game.

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