Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rose Art Museum closing

My alma mater, Brandeis University, announced today the the Rose Art Museum would be closing and all of the artwork would be sold. Brandeis is having many budget problems like everyone else in this economy, but promoting both visual and performing arts is an essential part of any University's mission, especially Brandeis which promotes social justice and free thinking. I think there are other ways where Brandeis can make up the budget gap. Some suggestions I would make include increasing parking fees, cutting some library hours, and maybe even investing in more green building renovations to cut utility costs or even just turn the heat down a few degrees! The Rose Art Museum was always an alternative place to enrich yourself away from the classroom or the books during my time there. I even had a Spanish class where we got to describe the painting in Spanish. It sure beats doing verb drills! I hope the Brandeis administration reconsiders this. By the way, administration pay cuts would also be another option!

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