Tuesday, January 27, 2009

APPA in 2009

Today will be my first post about stuff going on at the American Public Power Association, the trade association that I work for in Washington, DC. APPA is a trade association of municipally-owned utilities. To clarify, these are electric power services that are run by cities and towns as opposed to investor-owned utilities like N-Star and Dominion Power. Our legislative activities make sure there are laws and regulations that make the playing field level for both the cities and towns and the power companies. Additionally, we provide services to our members with publications (part of my gig), safety and operations support, conduct meetings and a National Conference, offer classes, and put out a newsweekly and a magazine.

We have a lot going on this year. At the end of February we have a legislative rally which is going to bring a lot of enthusiasm with a new administration and a new Congress. We are also providing many new services and opportunities for our members to grow and provide the best service to their communities. However, I did want to highlight an initiative called Careers in Public Power-a program that we are doing to encourage people to join the public power industry. This applies to people at all levels from those that didn't go to college to those that completed Master's degrees. There are opportunities to be lineworkers, customer service reps, and even managers. All of which allow you the opportunity to serve your community and make it a better place. You can find out more about it at http://www.careersinpublicpower.com or contact APPA with questions. We will be selling items in the future but in the meantime please take an interest in this initiative.

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