Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama's New Economic Plan

I am thrilled that our new president Barack Obama is off to a fast start and getting down to business with his agenda. However, I am somewhat wary of his economic plan and he will have to provide some explanations as to why he is adding in all of these extra programs and how they will put more money back into the economy and create more jobs. I understand where he wants to improve the National Mall and provide support to those that need to get digital TV converters, however, the support better include provide for a discount as opposed to free services otherwise we will be seeing electronics stores go out of business and more layoffs as a result. What would we do without the Geek Squad at Best Buy?

In terms of the National Mall, it is our unofficial national symbol and should be a place that all people should enjoy and appreciate as for some it is a once in a lifetime trip, but I feel the only way this is appropriate for this plan is if it creates jobs as the Mall is not a commercial enterprise. Additionally, his inauguration (which tore apart the grounds) underscores the fact that the area in Washington will need to be improved in the years to come.

Our president needs to make sure that he spreads out his agenda over the long term. No one expects things to happen overnight.

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