Monday, January 26, 2009

Oprah for Senate???

Embattled Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich said today that he would have considered picking Oprah (Winfrey) for Senate. I know Oprah was very influential in the Obama campaign but endorsing a candidate and actually creating policy positions along with serving the needs of constituents are two entirely different things. For someone that is all about self promoting herself I think that public service is a very difficult thing to do. Also, given her wealth some of her positions might favor Republican interests so much she may alienate her Democratic colleagues. Keep her on TV doing her afternoon dog and pony show and let the lawmakers push through the new administration's policy.
As for Rod Blag, he is up a creek and has done nothing to get out of it and tell us that he should be entrusted with the position that he has right now. The guy has been nothing but a one-man late night comic/SNL punching bag. Why doesn't he admit his guilt, serve his punishment and we can all move on from there and solve the big problems we are facing. It is a good think he was distant from Obama otherwise there would be no first 100 days honeymoon for him and they would be dragging his name through the mud.

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