Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl weekend

It looks like I will be having a fairly healthy crowd on Sunday. It was not the intended audience but it will be one new kid from the group plus a couple of friends. That is okay. I like low key stuff. One of my friends that is coming has a big screen so I am somewhat surprised, then again we have watch the Super Bowl together every year since I moved down here. In the meantime I am doing a canvass on Saturday and one on Sunday, it never ends I guess. I suppose it is better than last year when I basically had to give up Saturday night to study so I could enjoy the game on Sunday. Also it will be nice to get out on Sunday. Best of all next weekend I will be going to California, first trip ever.

As far as my pick, I will go with the Steelers for one simple reason, the Steel Curtain defense that they have always had. Then again, the effectiveness of Hines Ward could be a factor. Of course Santonio Holmes could always step up just as he did with Ohio State. By the way, Ohio State is another favorite team of Boston to Washington, as is Penn State as we had family that went to both schools.

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