Monday, May 4, 2009

Clinton endorsement in 47th race

I had to put my two cents into this one. Adam Parkhomenko, one of the candidates for the open House of Delegates seat in the 47th district, sent out a robocall to 47th district voters yesterday from former President Bill Clinton endorsing him. I felt left out, nothing would have woken me up on a lazy rainy Sunday more than a call from Clinton! Adam is only 23 years old and viewed by many as not ready for the job of state legislature. Keep in mind that I was just looking for my first job at his age.
Adam worked for Hillary Clinton for several years and that is how he got the connection to do the call. While it is impressive for any candidate in a local election to get an endorsement from a former president (a friend I had dinner with this evening said just that), there are very few regular Arlington voters that look for celebrity backing to decide how they are going to vote. They want you coming to your door and talk about the issues you care about and they need to know you have some experience to allow you to do the job.
Additionally, I feel the 2008 election brought down the Clinton brand a little bit so even savvy political junkies might not be that impressed with this. Clinton never one Virginia in either of the general elections and his wife did not win it in the primary.
Every election has this and this is what I consider one of the “eye-opening” moments in the contest. This came as a surprise to many but my motto has always been “politics is more unpredictable than sports.” So stuff like this is to be expected.

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