Saturday, August 8, 2009

Town Hall meetings

Congress is going back to their districts for the August recess which means it is very quiet here in DC. Yours truly is on staycation to help my new roommate move in and spend a little time with him (and away from work). They are holding town hall meetings on health care. However, many of them are being disrupted by angry protesters and mobs who are going as far as hanging congressmen in effigy and issuing death threats, etc.

The Republicans must be really desperate/don't really have anything good to contribute if this is their idea of making themselves part of the dialogue. This is completely against the idea of democracy and government/citizen relations. It also draws people away from those that want to go to the meetings to have meaningful discussion. Keep in mind there are also conservatives that do want to have meaningful discussion instead of yell and scream (and threaten violence and death as well).

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