Saturday, August 8, 2009

Red Sox sinking ship

Red Sox are playing the Yankees this weekend in the Bronx. This series will go a long way to determining their playoff prospects. However, they are looking very bleak right now. They have lost four straight (two to Tampa Bay and two to New York) in every way possible. Both of these teams are playoff contenders and the Yankees are in first place at this point.

The biggest issues are the adjustment of Victor Martinez to the Red Sox pitching staff, the lack of hitting (particularly from David Ortiz), and the lack of reliability of veterans such as Tim Wakefield and John Smoltz. This week the Sox solved the latter by cutting Smoltz. Right now the hope is to get into the playoffs somehow but at this point they do not look like a playoff type team. At this point they need to avoid a sweep in New York to right the ship and then be sure to take care of business against those that are out of contention. Otherwise, they will be home in October.

More thoughts on David Ortiz and his steroids issues later today after his press conference.

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