Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Red Sox game

Last Sunday I went to the Red Sox-Orioles game and met up with my uncle, cousin, cousin-in-law her parents. We were not paying that much attention to the game as we were catching up on a lot of stuff with my family. However, I was very impressed with the Red Sox new acquisition Victor Martinez. He had a great day at the plate going 5 for 6. However, he may not be as comfortable with the Red Sox pitching as they allowed 10 runs. However, they did win 18-10. As always the playoff race will be very exciting down the stretch. My view has always been to get into the playoffs in some way and we can see what happens. Case in point last year, the Red Sox clinched the wild card with no expectations for going far in the playoffs. However, they shocked Anaheim and stormed back down 3-1 in the ALCS against Tampa Bay before coming up short of the World Series.

The big debate is when you clinch a playoff spot do you rest players or do you try and play for a division title if you still can get it mathematically. I think that it is a factor of whether you know you will get home field in the first round and how far back you are from first place. Managers and coaches just have to consider that no matter how they approach it, they will be judged by the fans and media as to how they do in the upcoming playoffs. Right now, however, this is not that relevant as there is still a lot of regular season baseball left to be played.

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