Friday, March 5, 2010

Shooting at Pentagon Station

Last night a deranged man fired shots at the Pentagon Metro Station/Transit Center last evening injuring two offers. The gunman himself died. As crazy as it was how I found out about it was even more crazy.

I was coming back from the gym to my apartment (not taking the normal route as I had to go to the bank ATM) and ran into a friend of mine who does not live in my neighborhood on a street corner. When I asked him what I was doing he told me that he heard shots while waiting for his bus at the Pentagon and he ran from the area and was looking for a cab to get home. I inviting him back to my place to get a cold drink and watch news updates. We then grabbed dinner at a nearby diner. It was disturbing for me as it was the first time I had seen someone after they witnessed a violent crime. All of us are okay so that is what matters. Credit to law enforcement for quick action and even sacrifcing their personal safety in defense of the most important military institution in the nation.

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