Monday, March 22, 2010

Healthcare-law of the land

The House passed the Senate version of the health care reform bill yesterday making comprehensive health care reform the law of the land. This is very exciting and historic given how hard the Democrats have fought for this for years and even harder for the past year. Given that Ted Kennedy fought his entire career for this and watch it finally happen was really special. Most importantly, President Obama campaigned on the platform of hope and change on his way to the White House. While the American people waited, sometimes impatiently, for this we are starting to see the wheels of change in motion with the passing of this historic legislation.

No one know how the politics are going to play out in November or how this will affect the lives of Americans in the next decade but I feel there will be a shift away from the early prognostications. I also believe it will improve the lives of all Americans. Yes we can!!

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