Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness

As mentioned in my last post, Andover High Girls basketball team played on Saturday and won. As for more on the big March Madness, here are my picks.

Kansas, Duke, Kentucky and Syracuse got the four number one seeds with Kansas getting the top overall seed. My picks for the Final Four are West Virginia, Kansas, Duke and Syracuse despite Syracuse's lackluster conference tournament. Kansas has the most difficult road to the Final Four with Ohio State and Georgetown in their region but like many experts, I feel they have the most complete team to come out of this bracket and make it to Indianapolis.

As for Ohio State, the committee was not exactly sold on them neither giving them a number one seed but putting them in the region with a hot Georgetown team and the top seed of Kansas. If they wind up coming out of this region (particularly over Georgetown and Kansas), the Final Four berth will be well earned.

What I like best about the tournament is that every game has the same stakes, whether it is the first round game or the national title, if you let down your guard the season is over. If I were a coach I would treat each game with the same intensity and preparation. Many may remember how close Kansas came to losing to Holy Cross in 2002.

Having said all of this, this year's field is wide open and I am expecting a lot of surprises. Let the Madness begin!

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