Friday, October 9, 2009

Red Sox fall in Game 1

Red Sox lost the opening game of their best of five ALDS against Anaheim 5-0. I did not stay up for most of the game, however, the game breaker was Torii Hunter's 3 run homer in the 5th inning. There were also two controversial calls by the umpires. The Angels still have to two more games, however you never know when the momentum swinger is going to come in a playoff series and that one hit might have been all the Angels needed to turn the series their way, especially in a best 3 out of 5. Game 2 is critical for the Red Sox otherwise they would have to make a return trip to the West Coast to win the series. If I played for an East Coast team, I would dread having to play a series against a team from the West Coast, especially with the cross country trips. It does not both the Red Sox as much because they are a veteran team and have had enough success against the Angels.

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