Thursday, September 16, 2010

Primary Recap

September 14th was the last day of primaries in the nation now onto the general election in November. Among the highlights:

Christine O'Donnell, the Tea Party candidate in the Republican primary, upset establishment candidate Mike Castle. The political world, including some Republican partisans, declared that it was a virtual lock that the Democrats would win/keep that seat. Having said that, Democrats, please still run that campaign hard. If this win left everyone shaking their heads, imagine if she did not role over and found a way to win the seat-remember what happened in Massachusetts? Let's not underestimate the Tea Party.

Vincent Gray defeated Adrian Fenty in the DC Mayoral race. I would always watch Mayor Fenty on TV and he never seemed like he could get to the point and dodged questions. There were always questions about the ethics of his office and his administration. I really don't know how much better Gray will be but it looks like he can bring a new type of administration to DC.

There were even some exciting hometown elections in Massachusetts involving people I know as well. First of all congratulations to my classmate Paul Adams for winning the (GOP) nomination for the 17th Essex House of Representatives seat. While I may not agree with his politics, I am thrilled to see a young voice and a classmate shaking up the political landscape. It is time for our generation to pick up the torch and have a real voice for our ideas. Also congratulations goes to my former colleague from my internship days with Marty Meehan Chris Doherty. He waged a great State Senate campaign in Middlesex County Massachusetts. I am sure he will have a bright future.

In addition to the Virginia races I will also be supporting Niki Tsongas who is the congresswoman in my home district. My first campaign was for her husband Paul Tsongas, a former US Senator from Massachusetts who ran for president in 1992. It is important to campaign for as many Democratic seats as possible to hold the majority in the House.

On to November, Democrat or Republican let the excitement begin!

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